ATE Robotics - A Division of All Tech Engineering
All Tech Engineering specializes in robotic system solutions, and has been serving the robotics industry for
over 16 years. From concept to production, our experienced staff will design, build, program, and install an
advanced, state of the art robot system for any application need your company may have.

System Partners

Why Robotics Automation over Traditional Manufacturing Methods?
Industrial robots help manufacturing companies stay competive, maximize quality, and increase profitability.
Advantages of robotic automated manufacturing include:
  • Cost effectiveness versus manual labor in the long term project scope.
  • Ability to run 24/7; 365 days year. Breaks are only required for scheduled preventative maintenance.
  • Increased flexibility, reliability, and accuracy.
  • Increased production output.
  • Avoidance of hazardous conditions for workers.
  • Elimination of the repetitive motions and heavy lifting that cause worker injuries.

Robots can be integrated into manufacturing with many different processes. All Tech Engineering has been very
successful at providing automated solutions for the following processes:
  • Mig Welding/GMAW
  • TIG Welding/GTAW
  • Laser Welding/Cutting
  • Submerged Arc Welding/SAW
  • Plasma Welding/Cutting
  • Resistance Welding
  • Material Handling/Assembly
  • Machine/Press Tending
  • Dispensing/Hot Glue
  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • Routering
  • Sonic Welding/Heat Staking
  • Riveting
  • Deburring
  • Vision Applications
  • Packing/Picking
Robot Programming Service
Need support programming your robots? Let one our Robotic Applications Engineers help. We can provide
onsite programming services at your facility on new installs, retrofits, or current production equipment.
Services include:
  • Fanuc, Motoman and ABB
  • Process optimization for quality improvement, cycle time efficiency, and increased profit.
  • Modification of used robots for safety, communication, and programming requirements.
  • On Site training.
Offline Robot Simulations
Have an application or process that needs to be proven out before designing a system or purchasing robots?
Send us your CAD files and we will do the rest. Simulation software can provide a virtual,
3D solution for an upcoming project from a PC in the office.
  • Eliminate robot sizing and reach issues up front.
  • Allow existing robots to stay in production while new product is being programmed offline.
  • Reduce machine startup time by identifying issues ahead of time.
  • Determine tooling crash conditions with EOAT and modify before mechanical designs are released.
  • Fanuc RoboGuide, Motoman MotoSim, and ABB Robot Studio
In House GMAW Robotic Prototype Welding
All Tech Engineering has a 6-Axis Mig Welding Robot with coordinated motion capabilities for prototype
welding needs.
  • Send tooling or have us design and build to your specifications.
  • Process development and robot path programming.
  • Fully welded parts that meet quality expectations.
Robotic Welding Lab Facility Addition
All Tech Engineering would like to announce the addition of a 1200 sq.ft totally enclosed
robotics and weld analysis lab to better support our customer base. Some of the capabilities include:
  • Robotic prototype welding
  • Process development
  • Small batch part runs and tryouts
  • Weld section micro analysis
Robotic Gas Metal Arc Welding Equipment
Robotic area includes 6 axis robot, positioner, GMAW welding power supply and portable ventilation
system. A variety of material types can be welded including steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Positioner
slide package available for larger tooling platforms. Locked secured room allows for quiet and private
environment for ATE engineers and customers to interact during special projects.

Weld Cut & Etch Instrumentation Equipment
The new micro analysis equipment includes a Leco grinder/polisher machine and an Olympus stereomicroscope
system with Pax-it image measurement software. Full cut/etch reports can be supplied along with images to meet
customer weld validation requirements.

Laser Welding And Cutting Lab
The laser welding and cutting lab includes a 6-axis robot, 10KW fiber laser system, and all necessary safety
equipment. This will allow for test welding/cutting and small production runs with verification using
our existing analysis equipment.